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Rakovnické minimakety 2020


Pohár Jiřího Merty 2020

Jan Straka: IL-2


RC miniscale IL-2

Original plane

Short history, versions and technical data of original plane can be found e.g. on Wikipedia:

Ilyushin IL-2 type 3 version was used for the model.


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  3. Modely letadel s gumovým pohonem, Ing. Lubomír Koutný, Computer Press, Brno, 2003
  4. Aerodynamika malých maket na gumu, Ing. Lubomír Koutný, Modelář 8/1985

Notes about the model

Model is of classical balsa design, covered by paper. Used material was selected with respect to weight and strength. During the building I tried to spare every gramm. Weight was the factor in selecting the components for the model, given in the table below:

Receiver: Rex 5 MPD 9g
3x servo: no.8524 19,6x8x19,6 mm 4,3g
Battery: lipo 300mAh/ 7,4V 20g
Motor: dualsky xm2812rtr-27/ 70W 26g

Final weight is 190g. Model is very stable with enough power. It glides nicely when motor is off. I tried stronger and heavier battery 450mAh/7,4 g (30g), that leads to slightly increased power and motor flight time duration, however that does not pay off 10 g weight increase.

The aim was to get slow and nicely flying aircraft in 1/20 scale. The plan is made so the building is as simple as it could. I hope that it can be an inspiration for those who like the original plan.

Building plan

Is unusally available both as bitmap in JPG format and in DWG format used by AutoCAD, that can be imported in most of CAD programs.

Building plan JPG (2,9 MB)

Plán Building plan DWG (321 kB)

ing. Jan Straka