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Peanuts in Teplice, June 23rd, 2007

On June 23rd, 2007, as a part of Indoor 2007 competition the Contest of indoor miniscale Peanut models. Pistacio model (there was only one – Fike by P.Onemichl) was judged according to Peanuts rules. The hall was beautiful. No traps on the ceiling, even the Peanut which traveled out of the flight area after opening the turn could still fly well over the stands.

The competition directed by strict voice of J. Kubeš left one and half hour for the miniscale contest, so the peanut nuts had a chance to compete. Time was sufficient, only the training flights were together with the insect models flights and for some models the training was reduced only to pre-round, which anyone could count into the result if he wanted to. Most of the models flew really well, no one was destroyed. Three contest flights with two models could be made when the “pilot”: didn’t think too much about the rubber band cross sections, lengths, model trimming, negatives, positives, shaky hands, fast leg motion (you need slippers if you don’t want to you ice hockey equipment). And see, it opens the turn, it does not climb, it climbs too fast, look, that one flies soooo great !

When Pavel Formánek made 85sec with his Fokker E-III R. Pajas suggested to A. Jenik that today the flight quality is way above the KE-PNUT-TEAM abilities. Dušan Garba came 400km from Ostrava, he did not stagger with his Farman F-450, made single flight of 106sec, set new national record for hand launched gliders for hall of 15 meters (just to made everything clear), awarded static points for peanuts (with help of A. Jeník and independent judge V. Jiráček) and traveled 400km back home.

Admired biplanes Fokker D-VII and S.E.5 were making about one minute flights and even if one S.E.5 flight was near E-III by Formánek, it did not inhale any of overminute fligts. A. Jeník finally exceeded one minute by seven seconds with beautiful silver Puss Moth (not flown before). Some of the planes did not fly at all, but improved the overall appearance, as there were finally 18 models and there were things to watch. You can at least look at some of the photographs…

(text: R. Pajas; Foto: A. Jeník, P. Onemichl, T. Vostradovský, R. Pajas)