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Felda: Blériot XI Monopol, Pégoud version

Miniscale Blériot XI Monopol, in aerobatics version and marking by Adolph Pégoud, was built in 1998 as free indoor scale model of F4E category driven by electric motor with Kenway gearbox. Drive did not have sufficient power so the model was rebuilt to CO2 Gašparín G24 drive, but even that one was not sufficient. So Blériot went to the display case and later to the woodden case in the basement. When in 2003 subminiature RC equipment become available together with the sufficient drive I put it into the model. I was not very convinced, so the instalation was just quick and temporary, but to my surprise the model flew well, was stable and responded nicely to controls. So it earned scale details and scale control surfaces drive by wires.

Essential parameters: wingspan 405mm, lenght 325mm wing area 3,2dm2. Flight weight 28g. Drive GB32 by Ing. Štefan Gašparín. Consists of miniature DC drive and gear. RC equipment consists of receiver Penta Light by MZK, speed controller MSC 1-145 and linear magnetic actuator MCA3-D by Microinvent. Both motor and RC equipment are fed by single LiPol cell with 145mAh capacity.