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Adam Jeník: Gloster Sea Gladiator N5519

When Italy went to war on 1 September1939 there were only a couple of Gladiators for use on Malta. For the next month they were Malta's only hope against the Reggie Aeronautica. This period of war becomes a example for heroic and sacrifice and makes the Gladiator as famous as the Spitfire and Hurricane. One of these unofficial trio called "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity" was N5519/R flown by Flt. Lt. J.N.Robertson

The model is of size of peanut with wing span of 330 mm flight weight 33.5g The construction is my own, based on experiences with previous project RC peanut Bucker Bu-133 - both aircrafts in peanut size are very similar.

Strong balsa about 120g/dm3 is used for the bones, covering with thin Modelspan. Finish is done using airbrush technique, acrylic paint Gunze, decals are printed on inkjet.

It is equipped with G15 4W Bee motor from Mr. Gašparín, receiver Minor 40, MBC3 controller, controlled by two Smart Servo(r) RC-1 and powered by LiPol-130P and 150P battery. All components were provided by Microinvent company.

[Adam Jeník]