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Jan Straka: S.E.5a

Original plane S.E.5 (Scount Experimental 5) is famous WWI fighter. There were total of 5205 airplanes built, number hard to imagine these days. The plane is often modelled in various scale, from tiny free flight models up to giant RC scale.

I built this mini rc scale model according to Ing. A.Alfery M-min plan, published in Czech model magazine Modelář 12/1980. I zoomed the plan for the wingspan of 570mm and made necessary changes for the RC equipment and brushless motor installation. Equipment used is in table below:

Receiver: Jeti REX 5 MPD
2x servo: HS-55
Battery: 7V, 300mA,S2 Lipo
Motor: Dualsky XM2812RTR with integrated controller 25.7 g!
Propeller: GWS EP-7060
Final weight: 160g including battery
Covering: Mikelanta
Colors: AGAMA, synthetic
Markings: Those who read Biggles know…

Airplane is easy to fly, for normal flying 1/10 of throttle is sufficient. When running on full throttle the plane reminds of starting motorbike.:-) It flies the best in calm conditions, as anyone can probably guess.

[Jan Straka]