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Rubber powered models book offer

Current state (July 2009)

At the moment there are about 100 orders for English version of the book. M. Woodhouse wants 25 books, guy from Singapore 10 books, most of other people who are interested want one or two units. The Czech editor Computer Press can only sell the book in Czech Republic (where its retailers are) and currently we are looking for American or English editor who wants to sell the book in foreign countries. Such editor must order 1000 books before Computer Press starts to work on English version. Without such editor the English version is not going to happen.

Lubomir Koutny

In 2003 Czech publishing house Computer Press published book “Rubber powered models” by Lubomír Koutný. The author is devoted to rubber powered models for over 60 years and during that long period he attended all kinds of competitions, from wakefields to top indoor models where he was the member of Czechoslovakia national team. For all 40 years the rubber powered scale models in 1/20 scale category exists he belongs among the top Czech modellers and was always high on most of the competitions. We also should note that he is main organizer of Openscale – international competition in Brno, which will have its 20th anniversary in 2009. Lubomír Koutný is handing over his experiences for over 30 years to youth in model club; those young modellers are frequently in high positions on competitions. Articles, photographs and building plans of the author can be found in Czech, British, German, French and American model magazines.

Modely na gumový pohon

Czech cover page of the book

The book (the cover is shown) represents coherent overview of rubber powered models and author incorporated into the book his experiences with design, building and flying with models. The book covers historical development of rubber powered models from large wakefields, P-30 category, Cupe d Hiver, Old-timers, 1/20 scale. Indoor models categories are here as well, including LRS, EZB, Pennyplane, Formula HOLY, F1D-microfim, Peanut scale, Pistachio scale. Unusual models can also be found, lets mention ornithopter, autogyro or helicopter. The text is documented with over 150 photographs, both in color and bw, often the photographs are accompanied with a drawing. For the readers who want to build the planes themselves the book contains 12 full scale building plans including detailed instructions for each model.

The author made good use of his experiences with leading young modellers in model club and opens the world of models for the beginners with plans and instructions starting with simple paper gliders, through simple rubber powered models, simple indoor models up to rubber powered scale models. The building instructions are supplemented with detail trimming/flying instructions.

However, the book is not just for beginners who will find the instructions how to build and fly their first models. It has something to offer for experienced modellers as well. For those there are chapters about measuring the wings in real conditions in very low Reynolds numbers, including airfoil characteristics charts and comparative tests of several profiles used in small scale rubber powered models. There is also information regarding the design and production of propellers and rubber band testing.

The book in Czech language was published in 2000 copies edition and was sold out in spite the relatively small market of Czech Republic with 10 million inhabitants. Now there is a chance for reprint, in English. The reprint is not considered as translation only, the book will be extended for portraits of top world modellers, such as Korda, Richmond, Hannan, Penaud, Fillon, Czechowski, Broz, Kalina, Andryukow. The plans included will be extended, including plan and building instructions for Bf-109F model shown on the cover of Czech edition of the book.

The publisher Computer Press is ready to start the English version of the book if there are at least 1000 copies orders. The fact that the book was considered interesting even in Czech languages among foreign competitors on Openscale promises that the English version has potential for markets as USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

For more info, please email to: koutny.lubomir[-at-]