Rudolf Drnec Memorial, Brno-Medlánky, September 16th, 2007

Traditional end of M-min season at Medlanky airport took place on Sunday September 16th. Saturday's weather probably discouraged some modellers from attending the event, but Sunday welcomed modellers with blue sky and low wind, which grew up a little during the competition, but we can still congratulate the organizers with their date selection. Nice 17 models came together in Medlanky and we have to notice that some brand new models appeared and were not behind the well-tested (and sometimes a bit shabby) models.

Two morning flights were enought for L. Koutný to win the competition; his P-63 Kingcobra reliably made two maximas. Adam Jeník nicely test flown his brand new Farchild PT-19, and got the second position. J. Merta with his C-104 climbed to the third place with a small point difference.

Poorely attended juniors category was dominated by Jan Ohřál with oldish Komet, Jan made a 100sec flight during the second ground start.

Finally the score sheet and thanks to the organizer Tomáš Heinl and his team for organizing the competition.
Score sheet Score sheet in PDF format (41kB) (it's in Czech only, but you will get the numbers...)

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